DVF Foodservice is very proud of it's Warewash Division, Servi-Chem Systems. Servi-Chem uses only the most reliable equipment made by Knight Inc., Dema Engineering, And American Dish Service to avoid any down times in your operations. The chemical products used by Servi-Chem are manufactured by Detergent Marketing. This company fully guarantees all of their products and ships to DVF FoodService on a prompt schedule.

Incoming calls for Servi-Chem Systems are taken by Tami Murphy at DVF Foodservice.  All customer concerns are relayed to our skilled technicians, who perform all routine and service work.  Danny Bomar, who has many years of experience with warewash systems, and his assistant, Melvin Oakes are constantly checking warewash systems to insure smooth operations.   

As you know it takes a combination of quality equipment, quality product, and superior service to make a warewash program successful.  Servi-Chem has this combination.  this accounts for the steady growth of warewash customers during the past several years.