Servi-Chem Staff Directory

Name Job Title Department Phone
Donnie H. Stevens President and CEO Executive 434.792.4311 ext. 210
Jackie B. Stevens Director of Marketing---National Brands Purchasing Executive, Marketing, Purchasing 434.792.4311 ext. 220
Justin A. Stevens Vice President of Purchasing / Center of the Plate & Non-Foods Executive, Marketing, Purchasing, Sales 434.792.4311 ext. 223
William (Bill) Ray Vice-President of Operations Executive, Receiving, Shipping, Warehouse 434.792.4311 ext. 214
Christi Oakes Accounting Supervisor/Controller Accounting, Executive 434.792.4311 ext. 208
Danny Bomar Servi-Chem Manager / Senior Technician Servi-Chem Sales & Service 434.792.4311 cell:434.470.6215
Tami Murphy Recieving Clerk & Servi-Chem Inside Support Customer Service / Street Accounts, Receiving, Servi-Chem Sales & Service 434.792.4311 ext. 202
Melvin Oakes Servi-Chem Technician Servi-Chem Sales & Service 434.792.4311 cell: 434.251.6292